Thursday, August 18, 2016

What, How & Why: A Closer Look - Featuring Roby Raciti

At, we work with artists and photographers from across the United States and Canada. We're inspired everyday by the images that they send to us and by the stories they share.
In our "What, How & Why" interview series, we take a closer look at some of these fascinating people.

We've asked each participating artist or photographer three simple questions:

1. What do you do?

2. How do you do it?
3. Why do you use

Please read on to find out more about Roby Raciti.

Roby Raciti
Coral Springs, FL

What do you do?
I'm a student who has a passion for art and videos, and decided to combine the two through Youtube! I stick mostly to a cartoon style for my drawings, which I've developed over time thanks to other artists who I've met on social medias where the art community is a part of such as deviantArt and Instagram. I enjoy creating my own personal characters as well as drawing fanart of others and taking commissions. I recently also began selling art prints since a few people suggested the idea. 

How do you do it?
I draw both traditionally and digitally; for my traditional art I've grown to love using copic markers and colored pencils, since I felt the two fit my style the most, and for digital I use a drawing program along with a Wacom tablet. 

Why do you use

As someone who probably currently can't afford to own a good printer and buy all the materials to make art prints themselves, this site was a definitely lifesaver. Not only did I find exactly what I had in mind for my prints, but it was also simple to use and arrived quickly. I also appreciated that some paper samples were sent as well so I can psychically choose what would be best for future orders. I genuinely recommend this site to anyone looking to get prints made, especially younger artists like me who might be new to all of this as well and want a good place to start. 

Wow! iPrintfromHome has changed my entire outlook on the print process. I am thrilled to find a company who makes the print process easy and still delivers such quality. 

Check out this video Roby posted about using

Contact Information:

Roby Raciti
Coral Springs, FL