Monday, March 19, 2012

Setting Your Default Printing Preferences

If you set your Default Printing Preferences in your account at, you won't need to worry about setting them each time you order.

Printing Preferences allow you to specify exactly how you would like your digital images to be printed when you order Photographic Prints, Giclee Fine Art Prints and Photo Inkjet Prints. You can select from various cropping and border options. For more information about Printing Preferences, please click here.

To set your default Printing Preferences, please go to, sign in and click on "My Account" then "Edit Printing Preferences." You will be brought to a screen that looks like the screen shot above where you can make your selections.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Printing Preferences for Giclee & Photo Inkjet Prints

We’ve got some news we think you’ll really like – we’ve added Printing Preferences for Giclee & Photo Inkjet Prints!

This means that you won’t have to e-mail us anymore requesting that we omit trim marks or extra borders when you order Giclee or Photo Inkjet Prints.

After adding Somerset Velvet, Canvas, or Photo Inkjet Prints to your shopping cart in the online ordering system, click on "View/Edit Order". That will take you to a page that looks like the screenshot above. You'll be able to crop your image, add borders and indicate whether or not you want trim marks.

To check out the new system, go to, sign into your account and click on "Place Order". As always, we're interested to hear what you think. If you have any suggestions, send them our way!

We've got another big improvement planned for release in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled!