Friday, June 26, 2015

Paper Sampler and Calibration Kit 2015

At, we try to feature customer artwork and photography in our promotional materials and on the site as much as possible. Many of you use our services to order prints that you use for your own businesses, Etsy shops and art shows; therefore, our success is very much linked to yours. When we feature customer artwork, we not only get the chance to feature some very cool imagery, but we also get to help promote our customers.

As a special ‘Thank You’ to our Ambassadors for all the work they’ve done to help promote us, for this particular project, we’ve offered the spotlight exclusively to them. To find out more about our Ambassador Program and how you can get involved, go to

We have narrowed the field down to 32 images. We need your help selecting the final 8. Voting will be open Tuesday, June 30th through 10am EST on Monday, July 13th.

To vote, please choose one of the following options:

A.Go to Please "Like" our page. Then review the images in the “2015 iPrintfromHome Paper Sampler and Calibration Kit Images” album and click on “Like” to vote for individual images.


B.Go to and review the images. Then send us an e-mail with the names of the images you would like to vote for.

Thank you for your help with this project!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

What, How & Why: A Closer Look - Featuring Tom Burns

At, we work with artists and photographers from across the United States and Canada. We're inspired everyday by the images that they send to us and by the stories they share.
In our "What, How & Why" interview series, we take a closer look at some of these fascinating people.

We've asked each participating artist or photographer three simple questions:

1. What do you do?

2. How do you do it?
3. Why do you use

Please read on to find out more about Tom Burns.

Tom Burns
Buffalo, NY

What do you do?
I am a PR/Marketing professional who loves photography. Ever since I was a child I almost always had some type of camera, but never an SLR or DSLR.until 5 years ago when I bought an entry level Nikon. I initially made the purchase to better capture our children and their many activities. However, within a couple of weeks after my purchase, I started to leave the house early on weekend mornings looking for a photo to capture. A second camera, and four lenses later, I am hooked.

I love the idea of just going out to look for a photo, be it a sunset, night shot, cityscape, or sporting event.there is nothing like the thrill of that hunt. I love color. I have dabbled in some black and white, and there are a few that I enjoy, but I love color. The color of a sky at sunset or sunrise. The impact the sun has on a building or a portrait. When shooting I look for light and lines. My grandfather was an artist, so I get some of my "eye" for this from him I believe. 

I primarily shoot landscapes/cityscapes, architecture, and amateur sporting events (high school and some college). I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to shoot a Bills and Sabres game also. I have also shot some events and parties, as well as a few family portrait sessions with success. There is a different kind of energy when shooting people. 

How do you do it?
I shoot with a Nikon D5100, and hope to add to my arsenal in the near future.stepping up the ladder with a new Nikon body. I'm drawn to night/low light shooting, so there's always a tripod somewhere close-by. I do some minor post-processing with Lightroom, and an occasional clone clean-up in Photoshop, but generally I like photos to look like what I saw when I released the shutter. 

Why do you use
As I've advanced this hobby into a small (and fun) side business, I've been in the market for a lab that can provide me with prints for art shows, portrait packages, etc. I've found that provides me with the best option for prints for a few reasons. First, the selection of sizes rivals any of the national labs, and the pricing is more than competitive. The quality of prints has been incredibly consistent. And because they are local (to me) the convenience cannot be matched.order in the evening, pick up the next day.or shipped to me one day later. 

Contact Information:

Tom Burns