Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ACEO Prints

Something pretty cool happened at the end of last week that I'd like to tell you about.

We just recently began offering ACEO Prints. We kept getting e-mails from customers asking us if we print ACEOs, but the customers always also included the print size in the e-mail. So we always answered based on the print size, saying, "Yes, we do print 2.5x3.5 prints. You can order them as wallet prints." Then one day we decided to do a little research and find out what ACEOs actually were.

We found out that ACEO is an acronym that stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. And, we found some more good information in this eBay Guide: So, what is ACEO anyway?

We searched eBay and Etsy to see who was selling ACEOs and how they made them, we got some advice from our customers, and then we started officially offering them. We sent out the first official announcement on Friday in our eNewsletter and then the cool stuff that I mentioned in the beginning of this post started to happen...people started reacting almost immediately.

We got a bunch of orders and questions about ACEOs. But the thing that I find most exciting is that customers started posting the fact that we offer ACEO prints in their blogs, in the Etsy forums and on their websites -- real people out on the web who are a part of the communities we're working with, were out there talking and typing about what we're doing over here at iPrintfromHome.com.

We love that.

We're really happy that you're noticing the moves we're making and that you're excited about the different ways that we can help you at iPrintfromHome.

Keep sending those e-mail requests. We're listening. :o)

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