Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Social Networking

I am having a blast with social networking. We've recently joined a few different social networking sites and it continues to amaze me that you can become so "connected" with a few simple clicks and keystrokes.

We are currently active on the following sites:

Each site offers different social networking opportunities. But what I am having the most fun with, is seeing how connected these sites are with each other. Once you join a few, you'll start to see the same people that you found on Facebook have a Twitter account or the people you find at C4C might also be listed at Indepublic. And as you start to make connections with people and run into them on the web, you start to feel like a member of a living breathing community.

Another aspect of social networking that I find particularly exciting is how clearly it demonstrates how beneficial it is to help each other. It seems that most of the people I've been meeting on these social networking sites are there because they want to spread the word about their artwork, photography, craft or store. But they don't just promote their own work. Instead, they participate in forums, answer each other's questions, share articles and blog about each other to build their networks.

By helping each other, they help themselves.

Continuing along that vein, we've been trying to think up ways that we can help our customers in addition to helping them make Photographic Prints, Giclee Fine Art Prints and 35mm Slides. It's clear to us that the simplest and most valuable thing we can do is use our presence on the web to help our customers gain more exposure.

So we've done a couple things - we run a monthly Art Show Listing and we are planning on adding an Artist Listing.

But the thing that is so exciting (and the reason I am having such a blast) is that these social networking sites provide the exact tools we're looking for. They allow us to network publicly with our customers, introduce them to each other, and promote their work to people who are active in the art world.

If you sign up as our friend or follower or fellow tweeter, we'll sign up as yours. And, we'll even tweet about you if we think our customers could benefit from learning about what you're doing. :o)

Come join us! Click on the pictures above to visit the social networking sites we've joined.

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