Monday, May 4, 2009

Tuesday Tweet Treat - May 5th, 2009 will announce a special Tuesday Tweet Treat each Tuesday that will only be valid until the clock strikes midnight EST that day.

Today's Tuesday Tweet Treat: 1 Free 20x30 Photographic Print - Kodak Pro Photo Papers: Metallic, Glossy, Lustre or Matte**

You know what's exciting about 20x30 Prints?

They're BIG! And, big gets attention

Whether it's hanging in your living room or in your booth at an arts festival, people will notice your work.

In fact, a whole bunch of our customers order big prints for this specific reason - they hang big prints in their booths so that people walking in the crowd see their work and then mosey on over to see what other jewels they have to offer.

When you looked at the above image of the living room did your eye move to the print hanging over the couch? So did mine. The same thing will happen with images hanging on your walls. Or hanging on other people's walls. :o)

In keeping with last week's Tweet Treat theme, you might consider giving your 20x30 away as a gift. The quickest way to become an artist whose work adorns walls is to start hanging your work. So pick out one of your favorite images and let us help you print it for the world to see.

**Offer does not include shipping.

1. Place an order for one 20x30 Photographic Print at by midnight EST on May 5th.
2. IMMEDIATELY after placing your order, send us an e-mail (here) with "Tuesday Tweet Treat – Free 20x30" in the body of the e-mail.
3. Once we receive your e-mail, we will adjust your order so that you are not charged for your 20x30 Photographic Print.

Tuesday Tweet Treats will be announced here in this blog and also on twitter. Follow us at

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  1. Holy Wow -- this is a Treat, indeed! I'm there.

    Received last week's 11x14 Treat, which is just gorgeous.


  2. How much does shipping normally run?

  3. What a great offer! I just placed my order! Thank you!

  4. I concur... great offer. I just placed my order, thanks!

  5. This has been the most popular tweet treat yet. Thanks for all your help spreading the word!

    For shipping prices, go to >> Pricing >> Delivery Options and Shipping Costs.


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