Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photo Cards: creative possibilities

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means greeting cards may be on your mind.

We get a ton of requests for printing folded greeting cards. Unfortunately, printing on card stock is a totally different printing process than photographic or giclee fine art printing, so we can't just print them up anytime we want. We've looked into finding a good partner to offer the services, but haven't found one yet that meets our criteria in terms of quality, turnaround & guarantee. Until we do, we'd be happy to help you make photo cards.

We've got some great ideas (that many of you are already using) that we think can make for some really attractive and high quality cards.

Combining Images and Text:

Using Photographic Paper to make your promo prints, invitations and greeting cards can help you cut through all the clutter and make something that really stands out.

I (Sara) got married this past August. Here are some examples of invitations I sent out for my "Save the Date", engagement party and bridal shower.

All of the images were created by combining a single image with text in PhotoShop. I created 5x7 images, ordered 5x7 prints from those images and then sent the prints to my guests in greeting card envelopes that I picked up from an office supply store. Easy peasy. :)

Because the photo cards are more than just invitations, because they feature actual photographs, people seem to save them. While greeting cards eventually get tossed, photographic prints are put on display.

For information regarding file preparation, please click here.

Premade Photo Mount & Frame Cards:
We have heard from a few different customers that they purchase photographic prints from iPrintfromHome.com and then insert them into premade photo frame cards.
You can purchase these types of premade cards from a variety of vendors. Here are two sources that we've heard good things about: Blick Art and RediMat.

DIY Photo Cards:
If you're the creative type (and, we know tons of you are!), you might be interested in a more crafty approach. click here to watch a video that we found on About.com where Rebecca Ludens gives step-by-step instruction for creating your own photo cards.

Best Practices:
We've included sample images in this article to give you some ideas. But, many of you have some great designs that you've been ordering that we would love to share with your fellow customers. We'd like to create a page on the site where people can share their ideas and tips about creating photo cards, invitations and posters combining images and text. If you have a design or tip that you'd like to share, please contact us to let us know.

Happy Creating!!

the iPrintfromHome.com team

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