Thursday, February 9, 2017

Get to Know Us - Love is in the air - Part 2

We couldn't be happier about the fact that you share your stories about your experiences with our company in your tweets, posts, and in your conversations with friends and family. Not only are you helping us help more people, but you're also allowing us to spend more of our time working on improving our products and services, rather than spending time and money on traditional advertising.

Your recommendations mean a lot to us.  A conversation between friends, where you explain how happy you are with our services, is worth so much more than exposure to a paid advertisement.  That's why we don't spend a single dollar on paid advertisements.  Instead, we put 100% of our focus on making sure you are happy.  

We aim to provide you with a service that delights you and never takes you for granted.  If we succeed, we hope you'll tell your friends.  If we fall short, we hope you'll contact us to let us know so that we can take steps to make things right.

In this age of technology and faceless interactions, we think that the main factor that differentiates iPrintfromHome from other companies is our story, our company culture, and our commitment to running a business with a heart.  We want you to know who we are and why we love doing what we do.  Go to and click on "Our Values" and "Our Process" to get to know us a little better.

We work with lots of you to help make prints that you sell through your Etsy shops.  We recently joined Etsy Manufacturing and we are super excited about it.  As part of the Beta launch of their program, Etsy has offered photography services to some manufacturers.  For a little sneak peek behind the scenes, check out these images captured by Rachel Sifferd: Etsy Manufacturing Shoot

You can also review our Etsy Manufacturing profile here.  If you sell prints on Etsy and would like to post a recommendation to our profile, let us know and we'll send you a link.

As always, thank you for your continued support of!

Sara, George and the team

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  1. Your prints are awesome! The quality of the prints you have made for me of my watercolors is excellent. I wish I were better at selling them so I could have more printed up.


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