Monday, June 5, 2017

What, How & Why: A Closer Look - Featuring Brigid Smith

At, we work with artists and photographers from across the United States and Canada. We're inspired everyday by the images that they send to us and by the stories they share.
In our "What, How & Why" interview series, we take a closer look at some of these fascinating people.

We've asked each participating artist or photographer three simple questions:

1. What do you do?

2. How do you do it?
3. Why do you use

Please read on to find out more about Brigid Smith.

Brigid Smith
Digital Artist
Seattle, WA

What do you do?
I do digital paintings and illustrations of colorful and fantastic people, places, and things.

How do you do it?
I use a graphics tablet that I have had for literally 12 years (bought it with the allowance I scrimped and saved in 7th grade) and Gimp, which is a free and open-source alternative to PhotoShop. Recently, I've also been trying to experiment with other mediums like ink and watercolor, but digital will always likely be my favorite.  

Why do you use
Now that I'm out of college and into the "real world", I'm nursing the dream of quitting my day job someday to become an artist. Since I do mostly digital, I need a place to get prints made, and has consistently offered me the best prices and nearly the fastest service of all the printers I've tried.

Contact Information:

Brigid Smith
Seattle, WA

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