Friday, December 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

Growing up, Christmas was my most favorite time of year. I know what you're thinking....and, no, it wasn't because of the presents, not the kind that you unwrap anyway.

At the Campos household we started having "Performance Christmases" once everyone was a little too old to make it onto Santa's list. Instead of getting a whole bunch of presents, we would spend time together playing board games, going out to dinner, going to the movies, watching movies at home, going sledding, etc. Through these activities, I learned that the things that made me truly happy weren't actually things at all. The big gift wasn't a bike or a tv or a video game, it was this collection of moments spent with people that I love.

That focus on people has stayed with me my entire life. And, as we've discussed in previous posts, that focus is one of the values that my father has engrained in the structure of this business. When it's all boiled down, is simply a group of people working to help other people.

This holiday season, as we reflect on all the people that we are thankful for, you are included. Thank you for spending a moment with me reading this post. And thank you for your support of

Happy Holidays!

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