Thursday, December 11, 2008

Windows Live Photo Gallery

I just saw this commercial last night and I thought to myself, "I bet our customers would really like that". I told my dad about it on the way to work (we carpool). He had seen it too and had the same thought. THEN, I come into work and guess what was sitting in my inbox...a message from a customer asking if we can help him make a panoramic print from an image he created using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

It's funny how things happen like that.

Anyway, so I downloaded the program this morning and stitched together some pictures. It worked really well and was very easy. If you're looking for a good and free photo stitcher, check out Windows Live Photo Gallery by going to

Another thing I like about this commercial is that it reminds us that photographic prints can make great gifts. Especially in these tough economic times, a photographic print can make both a meaningful and inexpensive gift.

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