Friday, January 16, 2009

Art Show Listing - Potential Evolution

One of the free services that we offer to customers of is our monthly Art Show Listing. The listing features information about art shows that our customers are participating in, as well as images of their artwork.

Click here to see our current Art Show Listing.

We send the Art Show Listing to over 20,000 people across the nation each month in our monthly eNewsletter. It's a relatively simple thing that we can do to help our customers gain exposure. So far, it's been going really well. We get some very cool submissions and our customers seem pleased with the service.

But, like we do with every product and service offered at, we've been thinking up ways to make it better and ultimately more useful for our customers. First, we're thinking of using the same technology to open an online gallery where our customers can display their work and link to it, without being required to be participating in an art show. The general idea is that we would have an Artist's Listing as well as the Art Show Listing.

The ultimate goal would be to enhance both the Artist's Listing and the Art Show Listing to allow viewers to actually purchase prints of the artwork. The artist, of course, would get to set the price and create the product (i.e. an 8x10 Somerset Giclee with a 1" border OR a 16x20 Photographic Print, ect.). Then we would take care of the rest. We would print the work, send it to the client and then send the artist a check.

Creating this system will take a lot of work and before we really get moving on it, we want to make sure that the interest level is high enough to warrant the work. Also, we want to make sure that we consider all of the possibilities before moving forward with a particular plan.

So that means we want to hear from you.

Depending on the feedback, we'll either go ahead with the project or start thinking of a new one. So if this is something you're interested, definitely let us know.

Click here to send us an email. Or, add your comment to this posting.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to communicate with us about what you like/dislike about and our ideas, as well as giving us new ideas to think about. We really appreciate your input.


  1. I *just* began using iPrint, and I'm already very happy with the service. It's unfortunate other users haven't come here to comment so far, because I think the updates to the Artist's Listing would be a GREAT service for everyone who uses iPrint. I love the artwork shown on the site, and if I was given the chance to buy it right here, I'd be very tempted. And being able to sell my art in the same place I buy prints is an awesome opportunity... I'm just wondering about pricing, but that'll come later.

    I definately support the idea. It would be a great service for artists and art-lovers who visit the site.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Although other users haven't yet posted their comments to the blog, we've received quite a few e-mails. So, it looks like support for the idea is there! We'll keep you posted on any developments.

  3. Sara, I think that's a fantastic idea!! Speaking as someone who *does* do art shows every once in a while, it would also be great to have an area on the site to list our "gallery" in a directory listing of sorts - not necessarily just for folks who do art shows.

    And the option for buyers to purchase prints directly from here would be a huge added bonus :)

    Great idea!!

  4. Thanks for your comments, Lynn!

    I like your idea of having a gallery listing as well. We were also talking about possibly having an area where our artist customers can review various calls for entries. We're planning a more detailed update in the next newsletter. Keep your eye out for it!


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